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(Divination)   Analyze Item
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Acid
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Cold
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Disease
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Electric
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Fire
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Gas
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Mind
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Paralysis
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Poison
(Enchantment/Charm)   ClanEnchant Water
(Alteration)   Erase Scroll
(Enchantment/Charm)   Fear
(Invocation/Evocation)   Floating Disc
(Enchantment/Charm)   Insatiable Thirst
(Transmutation)   Iron Grip
(Invocation/Evocation)   Light
(Illusion)   Magical Aura
(Conjuration)   Magic Missile
(Spell)   Prestidigitation
(Divination)   Read Magic
(Abjuration)   Repairing Aura
(Abjuration)   Resist Magic Missiles
(Invocation/Evocation)   Scribe
(Invocation/Evocation)   Shield
(Enchantment/Charm)   Sleep
(Enchantment/Charm)   Spider Climb
(Illusion)   Ventriloquate
(Enchantment/Charm)   Wizards Chest


(Alteration)   Animate Item
(Illusion)   Blur
(Conjuration)   Clan Donate
(Transmutation)   Shrink Mouth
(Divination)   Detect Undead
(Enchantment/Charm)   Enchant Projectiles
(Alteration)   Enlarge Object
(Divination)   Infravision
(Enchantment/Charm)   Lighten Item
(Illusion)   Obscure Self
(Abjuration)   Resist Poison
(Transmutation)   Shrink
(Conjuration)   Summon Steed


(Transmutation)   Cause Stink
(Conjuration)   Clan Home
(Transmutation)   Deaden Smell
(Transmutation)   Deafen
(Divination)   Detect Metal
(Illusion)   Dream
(Alteration)   Feather Fall
(Conjuration)   Grease
(Invocation/Evocation)   Knock
(Divination)   Know Alignment
(Abjuration)   Resist Gas
(Divination)   Solve Maze
(Conjuration)   Summon Companion
(Abjuration)   Summoning Ward
(Alteration)   Wizard Lock


(Conjuration)   Acid Arrow
(Alteration)   Burning Hands
(Enchantment/Charm)   Clarify Scroll
(Divination)   Detect Poison
(Divination)   Detect Water
(Illusion)   Fake Food
(Illusion)   Fake Spring
(Alteration)   Friends
(Invocation/Evocation)   Frost
(Enchantment/Charm)   Endless Hunger
(Abjuration)   Mage Armor
(Abjuration)   Resist Acid
(Transmutation)   Water Breathing


(Abjuration)   Charm Ward
(Divination)   Detect Gold
(Divination)   Detect Weaknesses
(Invocation/Evocation)   Dispel Divination
(Invocation/Evocation)   Dispel Magic
(Enchantment/Charm)   Fatigue
(Alteration)   Mend
(Enchantment/Charm)   Mystic Shine
(Abjuration)   Resist Cold
(Alteration)   Slow
(Enchantment/Charm)   Spook
(Conjuration)   Wall of Stone
(Transmutation)   Weakness to Gas


(Divination)   Augury
(Divination)   Detect Invisible
(Conjuration)   Find Familiar
(Transmutation)   Grace Of The Cat
(Illusion)   Illusory Wall
(Alteration)   Meld
(Divination)   Prying Eye
(Abjuration)   Resist Electricity
(Invocation/Evocation)   Shocking Grasp
(Invocation/Evocation)   Stinking Cloud
(Transmutation)   Weakness to Acid


(Divination)   Detect Hidden
(Invocation/Evocation)   Fireball
(Illusion)   Ghost Sound
(Transmutation)   Light Sensitivity
(Enchantment/Charm)   Mana Burn
(Conjuration)   Pass Door
(Alteration)   Refit
(Abjuration)   Resist Fire
(Conjuration)   Monster Summoning
(Transmutation)   Weakness to Cold


(Invocation/Evocation)   Elemental Storm
(Illusion)   Faerie Fog
(Divination)   Identify Object
(Invocation/Evocation)   Lightning Bolt
(Divination)   Natural Communion
(Abjuration)   Resist Disease
(Alteration)   Shatter
(Conjuration)   Summon Marker
(Abjuration)   Teleportation Ward
(Conjuration)   Wall of Darkness
(Transmutation)   Weakness to Electricity


(Enchantment/Charm)   Awe
(Transmutation)   Blind
(Divination)   Comprehend Languages
(Invocation/Evocation)   Continual Light
(Illusion)   Daydream
(Divination)   Farsight
(Invocation/Evocation)   Flameshield
(Conjuration)   Ice Sheet
(Alteration)   Magic Mouth
(Transmutation)   Mass Waterbreath
(Illusion)   Mirage
(Abjuration)   Song Shield
(Transmutation)   Weakness to Fire


(Alteration)   Arcane Mark
(Divination)   Detect Sentience
(Divination)   Detect Traps
(Transmutation)   Flesh Stone
(Invocation/Evocation)   Gust of Wind
(Divination)   Locate Object
(Alteration)   Mass FeatherFall
(Enchantment/Charm)   Mass Sleep
(Enchantment/Charm)   Mind Light
(Transmutation)   Misstep
(Transmutation)   Mute
(Illusion)   Phantom Hound
(Enchantment/Charm)   Recharge Wand
(Abjuration)   Resist Arrows
(Conjuration)   Teleport
(Illusion)   Torture
(Illusion)   Ugliness


(Invocation/Evocation)   Acid Fog
(Divination)   Arms Length
(Enchantment/Charm)   Brainwash
(Divination)   Claireaudience
(Enchantment/Charm)   Feeblemind
(Conjuration)   Flagportation
(Alteration)   Heat Metal
(Enchantment/Charm)   Laughter
(Illusion)   Mirror Image
(Abjuration)   Resist Bludgeoning
(Conjuration)   Scatter
(Invocation/Evocation)   Shockshield
(Transmutation)   Stoneskin
(Conjuration)   Wall of Ice
(Transmutation)   Weaken


(Transmutation)   Change Sex
(Divination)   Clairevoyance
(Enchantment/Charm)   Confusion
(Illusion)   Delirium
(Invocation/Evocation)   Destroy Object
(Transmutation)   Enlightenment
(Transmutation)   Fly
(Alteration)   Haste
(Abjuration)   Globe
(Conjuration)   Shelter
(Divination)   Spying Stone


(Divination)   Detect Scrying
(Invocation/Evocation)   Disenchant Wand
(Divination)   Distant Vision
(Invocation/Evocation)   Earthquake
(Illusion)   Feign Death
(Illusion)   Feign Invisibility
(Enchantment/Charm)   Frenzy
(Conjuration)   Gate
(Transmutation)   Giant Strength
(Invocation/Evocation)   Ice Lance
(Alteration)   Increase Gravity
(Abjuration)   Minor Mana Shield
(Alteration)   Reinforce
(Abjuration)   Resist Paralysis
(Conjuration)   Water Cannon


(Enchantment/Charm)   Alarm
(Enchantment/Charm)   Animate Weapon
(Abjuration)   Arcane Possession
(Abjuration)   Counterspell
(Divination)   Know Value
(Illusion)   Mass Invisibility
(Abjuration)   Resist Divination
(Alteration)   Silence
(Transmutation)   Sonar
(Enchantment/Charm)   Transferal
(Conjuration)   Wall of Air


(Enchantment/Charm)   Advancement
(Conjuration)   Blink
(Enchantment/Charm)   Enchant Wand
(Alteration)   Ensnare
(Illusion)   Fake Weapon
(Enchantment/Charm)   Hold
(Invocation/Evocation)   Ignite
(Divination)   Know Origin
(Transmutation)   Polymorph
(Abjuration)   Resist Piercing
(Conjuration)   Word of Recall


(Invocation/Evocation)   Chain Lightning
(Alteration)   Choke
(Conjuration)   Dismissal
(Illusion)   Fake Armor
(Conjuration)   Flaming Sword
(Abjuration)   Free Movement
(Divination)   Know Fate
(Transmutation)   Mage Claws
(Abjuration)   Mana Shield
(Divination)   Forecast Weather
(Invocation/Evocation)   Ward Area
(Transmutation)   Youth


(Abjuration)   Chant Shield
(Divination)   Divining Eye
(Illusion)   Fools Gold
(Invocation/Evocation)   Forked Lightning
(Invocation/Evocation)   Portal
(Enchantment/Charm)   Siphon
(Alteration)   Slow Projectiles
(Conjuration)   Wall of Fire


(Transmutation)   Delude
(Enchantment/Charm)   Enthrall
(Illusion)   Illusory Disease
(Conjuration)   Marker Summoning
(Abjuration)   Resist Petrification
(Alteration)   Reverse Gravity
(Divination)   See Aura
(Divination)   Spotters Orders
(Conjuration)   Summon
(Conjuration)   Wall of Lightning
(Invocation/Evocation)   Web


(Conjuration)   Acid Blast
(Divination)   Breadcrumbs
(Enchantment/Charm)   Forget
(Invocation/Evocation)   Levitate
(Alteration)   Mass Slow
(Abjuration)   Resist Slashing
(Alteration)   Stone Flesh
(Conjuration)   Wall of Force


(Invocation/Evocation)   Cloudkill
(Enchantment/Charm)   Enchant Armor
(Transmutation)   Improved Polymorph
(Transmutation)   Lead Foot
(Conjuration)   Marker Portal
(Illusion)   Nightmare
(Abjuration)   Prayer Shield
(Abjuration)   Repulsion
(Divination)   Scry
(Alteration)   Timeport


(Enchantment/Charm)   Awe Other
(Enchantment/Charm)   Command
(Invocation/Evocation)   Ice Storm
(Abjuration)   Immunity
(Divination)   Know Pain
(Alteration)   Mass Haste
(Illusion)   Phantasm
(Conjuration)   Summon Enemy
(Conjuration)   Teleport Object
(Transmutation)   Toadstool


(Transmutation)   Add Limb
(Invocation/Evocation)   Disenchant
(Enchantment/Charm)   Enchant Weapon
(Alteration)   Gravity Slam
(Illusion)   Greater Invisibility
(Transmutation)   Hungerless
(Enchantment/Charm)   Know Bliss
(Invocation/Evocation)   Lightning Orb
(Abjuration)   Greater Globe
(Enchantment/Charm)   Mass Hold
(Conjuration)   Meteor Storm
(Abjuration)   Resist Indignities
(Invocation/Evocation)   Shove


(Invocation/Evocation)   Blademouth
(Conjuration)   Cogniportive
(Divination)   Combat Precognition
(Conjuration)   Conjure Nexus
(Divination)   Death Warning
(Illusion)   Divine Beauty
(Invocation/Evocation)   Dragonfire
(Enchantment/Charm)   Elemental Weapon
(Abjuration)   Kinetic Bubble
(Enchantment/Charm)   Lower Resistance
(Abjuration)   Mind Block
(Transmutation)   Polymorph Self
(Alteration)   Time Stop


(Illusion)   Alternate Reality
(Alteration)   Alter Substance
(Abjuration)   Anchor
(Transmutation)   Big Mouth
(Conjuration)   Returning
(Invocation/Evocation)   Delay
(Divination)   Detect Ambush
(Enchantment/Charm)   Frailty
(Conjuration)   Summon Flyer
(Transmutation)   Thirstless


(Conjuration)   Demon Gate
(Invocation/Evocation)   Disintegrate
(Alteration)   Duplicate
(Illusion)   Endless Road
(Conjuration)   Flaming Ensnarement
(Enchantment/Charm)   Geas
(Invocation/Evocation)   Limb Rack
(Abjuration)   Major Mana Shield
(Transmutation)   Mass Fly
(Enchantment/Charm)   Rogue Limb
(Abjuration)   Spell Turning
(Enchantment/Charm)   Store Spell
(Transmutation)   Transformation
(Divination)   True Sight






(Abjuration)   Achilles Armor
(Transmutation)   Clone
(Illusion)   Feel The Void
(Divination)   Future Death
(Enchantment/Charm)   Magic Item
(Invocation/Evocation)   Mass Disintegrate
(Enchantment/Charm)   Permanency
(Alteration)   Spellbinding
(Conjuration)   Summon Army
(Alteration)   Wish