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(Crafting)   Ammosmithing
(Animal affinity)   Animal Taming
(Animal affinity)   Animal Trading
(Animal affinity)   Animal Training
(Crafting)   Apothecary
(Crafting)   Baking
(Anatomy)   Bandaging
(Crafting)   Clan Crafting
(Animal affinity)   Domesticating
(Gathering)   Drilling
(Stealthy)   Druidic Pass
(Nature lore)   My Plants
(Shape shifting)   Shape Shift
(Martial lore)   Berzerk
(Shooting)   Far Shot
(Punching)   Monkey Punch
(Shooting)   Point Blank Shot
(Nature lore)   Fire Building
(Crafting)   Food Prep
(Nature lore)   Herbology
(Gathering)   Hunting
(Crafting)   Instrument Making
(Healing)   Healing Hands
(Crafting)   Pistolsmithing
(Alert)   Searching
(Psychic)   Psychoportation
(Influential)   Befriend
(Foolishness)   Belly Rolling
(Racial ability)   Bioluminescence
(Death lore)   Control Undead
(Evangelism)   Convert
(Deceptive)   Disguise
(Criminal)   Enslave
(Influential)   Haggle
(Foolishness)   Juggle
(Racial ability)   Echolocation
(Psychic)   Psychokinesis
(Psychic)   Telepathy
(Psychic)   Psychometabolism
(Psychic)   Telekinesis
(Skill)   Premonition
(Skill)   Recall
(Healing)   Restitch
(Skill)   Revoke
(Calligraphy)   Memorize
(Healing)   Self Repair
(Arcane lore)   Spellcraft
(Death lore)   Turn Undead
(Psychic)   Clairsentience
(Psychic)   Farseeing
(Arcane lore)   Wands
(Nature lore)   Wilderness Lore
(Criminal)   Slave Trading
(Artistic)   Smoke Rings
(Weapon use)   Axe Specialization
(Weapon use)   Blunt Weapon Specialization
(Weapon use)   Edged Weapon Specialization
(Weapon use)   Flailing Weapon Specialization
(Weapon use)   Hammer Specialization
(Weapon use)   Hand to hand combat
(Weapon use)   Polearm Specialization
(Weapon use)   Staff Specialization
(Weapon use)   Sword Specialization
(Crafting)   Taxidermy
(Trapping)   Caltrops
(Alert)   Listen
(Combat lore)   Mark
(Binding)   Unbinding
(Racial ability)   Lich Fear
(Crafting)   Wainwrighting


(Artistic)   Dyeing
(Calligraphy)   Embroidering
(Calligraphy)   Engraving
(Armor use)   Armor Tweaking
(Nature lore)   Forest Tactics
(Martial lore)   Rescue
(Artistic)   Lacquering
(Holy protection)   Paladin`s Resistance
(Nature lore)   Find Water
(Dirty fighting)   Dirt
(Poisoning)   Identify Poison
(Martial lore)   Two Weapon Fighting
(Arcane lore)   Lore
(Dirty fighting)   Sneak Attack
(Combat lore)   Trophy Count


(Artistic)   Body Piercing
(Nature lore)   Jungle Tactics
(Dirty fighting)   Pistol Whip
(Crafting)   Leather Working
(Crafting)   Pottery
(Combat lore)   Track Animal
(Evasive)   Parry
(Psychic)   Telekinetic Bubble
(Find/Remove traps)   Avoid Traps
(Stealthy)   Counter-Tracking
(Find/Remove traps)   Identify Bombs
(Combat lore)   Kill Log
(Stealing)   Palm


(Crafting)   Cage Building
(Crafting)   Costuming
(Crafting)   Distilling
(Nature lore)   Hills Tactics
(Crafting)   Glass Blowing
(Crafting)   Jewel Making
(Crafting)   Riflesmithing
(Crafting)   Sculpting
(Shield use)   Shield Bash
(Foolishness)   Slapstick
(Stealthy)   AutoSneak
(Alert)   Detect Traps
(Stealthy)   Sneak
(Crafting)   Weaving


(Crafting)   Armorsmithing
(Crafting)   Cobbling
(Racial ability)   Dragonbreath
(Martial lore)   Cleave
(Nature lore)   Mountain Tactics
(Nature lore)   Smoke Signals
(Shooting)   Snap Shot
(Nature lore)   Swamp Tactics
(Crafting)   Fletching
(Artistic)   Painting
(Animal affinity)   Call Mount
(Crafting)   Papercraft
(Crafting)   Paper Making
(Stealthy)   Woodland Hide
(Anatomy)   Scalping
(Crafting)   Shotsmithing
(Foolishness)   Mimicry
(Artistic)   Tune Instrument
(Legal)   Warrants
(Binding)   Escape Bonds
(Stealthy)   Silent Drop
(Dirty fighting)   Strategic Retreat
(Street smarts)   Tag Turf
(Crafting)   Weaponsmithing


(Shape shifting)   Second Totem
(Singing)   Battle Cry
(Martial lore)   Blind Fighting
(Nature lore)   Cave Tactics
(Evasive)   Deflect Projectile
(Shooting)   True Shot
(Martial lore)   Disarm
(Arcane lore)   Songcraft
(Evasive)   Subdue
(Trapping)   Lay Minor Traps
(Criminal)   Pick Locks


(Weapon use)   Bite
(Nature lore)   Know Plants
(Martial lore)   Guerrilla Training
(Punching)   Knife Hand
(Shooting)   Rapid Shot
(Street smarts)   Urban Tactics
(Holy protection)   Disease Immunity
(Deceptive)   Imitate
(Artistic)   Tattooing
(Deceptive)   Distract
(Binding)   Footlocks
(Stealthy)   Invisibility to Mark
(Alert)   Observe
(Stealing)   Peek
(Poisoning)   Use Poison


(Crafting)   Electrosmithing
(Kicking)   Ax Kick
(Shooting)   Critical Shot
(Dirty fighting)   Taunt
(Crafting)   Locksmithing
(Crafting)   Mechanics
(Martial lore)   Favored Enemy 1
(Crafting)   Ship Building
(Martial lore)   Second Attack
(Dirty fighting)   Trip
(Find/Remove traps)   Mark Trapped
(Find/Remove traps)   Remove Traps
(Stealthy)   Shadow


(Punching)   Back Hand
(Grappling)   Body Toss
(Martial lore)   Critical Strike
(Anatomy)   Pressure Points
(Shield use)   Shield Block
(Crafting)   Haberdashery
(Crafting)   Light Outfitting
(Nature lore)   Plant Lore
(Skill)   Fire Breathing
(Calligraphy)   Forgery


(Crafting)   Construction
(Shape shifting)   Golem Form
(Shape shifting)   Plant Form
(Gathering)   Farming
(Grappling)   Body Flip
(Shooting)   Called Shot
(Punching)   Haymaker
(Acrobatic)   Spring Attack
(Crafting)   Herbalism
(Stealthy)   Woodland Sneak
(Nature lore)   Scrapping
(Dirty fighting)   Instrument Bash
(Foolishness)   Joke
(Crafting)   Submachinesmithing
(Dirty fighting)   Back Stab
(Stealthy)   Improved Hiding
(Legal)   Tar And Feather
(Trapping)   Lay Traps


(Shape shifting)   Third Totem
(Crafting)   Medium Outfitting
(Evasive)   All Defence
(Martial lore)   Half Attack
(Deceptive)   False Arrest
(Animal affinity)   Mounted Combat
(Binding)   Bind
(Stealing)   Steal
(Street smarts)   Turf War


(Crafting)   Advanced Pistolsmithing
(Evasive)   Catch Projectile
(Kicking)   Flying Kick
(Weapon use)   Fragmentation
(Shield use)   Improved Shield Defence
(Grappling)   Pin
(Martial lore)   Weapon Break
(Legal)   Arresting Sap
(Fitness)   Slow Fall
(Stealthy)   Conceal Item
(Street smarts)   Graffiti
(Stealing)   Improved Peek
(Stealing)   Slip Item
(Street smarts)   Underground Connections


(Martial lore)   Dual Parry
(Singing)   War Cry
(Holy protection)   Paladin`s Courage
(Martial lore)   Favored Enemy 2
(Binding)   Handcuff
(Calligraphy)   Make Maps
(Combat lore)   Analyze Mark
(Criminal)   Arsonry
(Trapping)   AutoCaltrops
(Alert)   Detection
(Stealing)   Plant Item
(Dirty fighting)   Sap


(Evasive)   Cover Defence
(Weapon use)   Improved Throwing
(Holy protection)   Paladin`s Purity
(Trapping)   Improvise Explosive
(Dirty fighting)   Assassinate
(Stealing)   Improved Swipe
(Deceptive)   Lure
(Influential)   Surrender


(Acrobatic)   Cartwheel
(Dirty fighting)   Fall Back
(Evasive)   Roll With Blows
(Shooting)   Spray and Pray
(Dirty fighting)   Sweep
(Acrobatic)   Tumble
(Dirty fighting)   Whomp
(Crafting)   Heavy Outfitting
(Influential)   Marketeering
(Legal)   Breakup Fight
(Animal affinity)   Cage
(Arcane lore)   Chantcraft
(Calligraphy)   Song Write
(Legal)   Flay
(Alert)   Identify Traps
(Stealing)   Silent AutoGold
(Stealing)   Weapon Snatch


(Fitness)   Recover Voice
(Shape shifting)   Fourth Totem
(Grappling)   Body Shield
(Singing)   Rally Cry
(Kicking)   Side Kick
(Martial lore)   Weapon Catch
(Animal affinity)   Mounted Charge
(Fitness)   Meditation
(Foolishness)   Shuffle
(Acrobatic)   Stability
(Alert)   AutoDetect Traps
(Trapping)   Disabling Caltrops
(Criminal)   Safecracking
(Crafting)   Torturesmithing


(Evasive)   Circle Parry
(Holy protection)   Poison Immunity
(Anatomy)   Leeching
(Acrobatic)   Careful Step
(Trapping)   Make Bombs
(Dirty fighting)   Snipe


(Shooting)   Careful Shot
(Fitness)   Endurance
(Crafting)   Machinesmithing
(Martial lore)   Favored Enemy 3
(Martial lore)   Third Attack
(Legal)   Collect Bounty
(Arcane lore)   Prayercraft
(Street smarts)   Linguistic Comprehension
(Stealing)   Robbery
(Stealing)   Silent AutoLoot
(Stealthy)   Spying


(Martial lore)   Bunker Down
(Combat lore)   Opponent Knowledge
(Holy protection)   Paladin`s Aura
(Legal)   Arrest
(Combat lore)   High Marks
(Stealing)   Mug
(Dirty fighting)   Running Fight
(Street smarts)   Sense Law


(Crafting)   Explosive Weaponsmithing
(Shield use)   AutoBash
(Anatomy)   Behead
(Acrobatic)   Bullrush
(Crafting)   Master Tailoring
(Evasive)   Feint
(Dirty fighting)   Disable
(Alert)   Alertness
(Trapping)   Set Alarm
(Stealthy)   Silent Open


(Shape shifting)   Fifth Totem
(Dirty fighting)   Gouge
(Crafting)   Master Costuming
(Street smarts)   Panhandling
(Criminal)   Racketeer
(Stealing)   Strip Item


(Dirty fighting)   Circle Trip
(Crafting)   Master Leather Working
(Stealthy)   Ambush
(Dirty fighting)   Flank
(Deceptive)   Improved Distraction
(Stealing)   Improved Steal
(Street smarts)   Safehouse
(Deceptive)   Set Decoys


(Crafting)   Experimental Ammosmithing
(Crafting)   Experimental Melee Weaponsmithing
(Crafting)   Experimental Ranged Weaponsmithing
(Acrobatic)   Running Kick
(Crafting)   Master Armorsmithing
(Martial lore)   Favored Enemy 4
(Alert)   AutoMark Traps
(Street smarts)   Frame Mark
(Stealthy)   Hide Other


(Martial lore)   Called Strike
(Martial lore)   Counter-Attack
(Martial lore)   Lightning Strike
(Nature lore)   Plains Tactics
(Crafting)   Master Weaponsmithing
(Legal)   Jail Key
(Nature lore)   Regional Awareness
(Trapping)   Dazzling Caltrops
(Stealthy)   Espionage


(Weapon use)   Rend
(Martial lore)   Heroism
(Teamwork)   Logistics
(Evasive)   Return Projectile
(Fitness)   Shrug Off
(Fitness)   Stone Body
(Holy protection)   Paladin`s Goodness
(Anatomy)   Chirurgy
(Skill)   Customize
(Deceptive)   Mark Disguise
(Foolishness)   Puppeteer
(Criminal)   Embezzle
(Criminal)   Kamikaze
(Criminal)   Squatting
(Find/Remove traps)   Trap Immunity






(Anatomy)   Amputation
(Archon)   Banish
(Archon)   Freeze
(Archon)   Hush
(Archon)   Metacrafting
(Archon)   Multiwatch
(Archon)   Record
(Archon)   Stinkify
(Archon)   Wrath
(Animal affinity)   Pack Call
(Punching)   Atemi Strike
(Dirty fighting)   Coup de Grace
(Shooting)   Full Auto
(Martial lore)   Martial Law
(Crafting)   Craft Holy Avenger
(Animal affinity)   Animal Frenzy
(Crafting)   Robotics
(Foolishness)   Buffoonery
(Playing)   Conduct Symphony
(Skill)   Resistance
(Criminal)   Contract Hit
(Trapping)   Death Trap
(Alert)   Eavesdrop
(Stealthy)   Nondetection
(Deceptive)   Rule One
(Stealthy)   Shadowpass
(Stealthy)   Shadowstrike