Installed map areas

1 Forest Road 2 Forest Road 2243 3 Forest Road
4 Forest Road 5 Forest Road 6 Forest Road 7 Forest Road
8 Forest Road a hermitage Aarakocran City Alastine Mines
Aliens/Hadley`s Hope Ancient Mines Astral Plane Birthday Party
Bunny Bakery Castle Elyrn Cerrusvel Peninsula Chapel
Contorted Mines Day Care Dragon Tower Drow City
Dylan`s Area Earthwork Ruins Elemental Canyon Elemental Plane of Fire
Ersis Dache Escerul Flatwood Galaxy
Gangland Gnome Village Graveyard Haon Dor
Harvester`s Home Hell High Tower Holy Grove
In the Air Infinite Field Jack`s Command Center Jreenglisblifum
Jreenglisblifum Crash Jreenglisblifum DwarfFort Jreenglisblifum Meadow Jreenglisblifum Mines
Jreenglisblifum Pits Jreenglisblifum Shore Jreenglisblifum Undertemple Jreenglisblifum Wilds
KejTestArea Kelwich Kobode Land Labyrinthine
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Limbo
Lost Woods Machine Dreams Madera MaderaPondDungeon
Mahn-Tor Marsh Miden`nir Midgaard
Mirror Realm Mob Factory Moria Mt. Vumasa
Namanin New Ofcol New Thalos Nirvana
Ofcol Apartments Ofcol Hills Ofcol Swamp Old Thalos
Olympus Peaceful Prairie Phantom Star Plains
Pocket Dimension Pyramid QuakeDungeon Redferne`s
Redwind Redwind Island Redwind Island Lot 107 Redwind Island Lot 120
Redwind TEMP Redwind Village Rockton Roost Mines
Sand Ruins Sands of Sorrow Scrapyard Sewers
Shatterpoint Caves Shire SigilTest Skyburg
Steigbugel Suburbia TabyArea Tetrium
Tetrium Outskirts Tetrium Sea Thalos The 9 Night Knights
The Amazon Jungle The Casino The Grindery The Hub
The Killing Fields The Park The Plains of Blood The Planet`s Scar
The Pyramid the thicket Trifsdale Troll Den
Turning Sands Tutorial Tutorial Area Twisted Caverns
Valhalla Valley of the Elves Wasteland West Ofcol
Wizard Tower Wyvern`s Tower Zenith Arcology

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