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(Breeding)   Bestow Name
(Shape shifting)   Harden Skin
(Moon summoning)   Predict Phase
(Weather mastery)   Predict Weather
(Breeding)   Sense Pregnancy
(Plant growth)   Summon Flower
(Plant growth)   Summon Fungus
(Weather mastery)   Summon Hail
(Plant growth)   Summon Herbs
(Plant growth)   Summon Plants
(Weather mastery)   Summon Pool


(Moon altering)   Clear Moon
(Animal affinity)   Locate Animals
(Plant control)   Locate Plants
(Moon summoning)   Moonbeam
(Preserving)   Sense Poison
(Weather mastery)   Summon Water
(Preserving)   Tether
(Weather mastery)   Wind Color


(Animal affinity)   Cave Fishing
(Deep magic)   Darkvision
(Enduring)   Eaglesight
(Moon altering)   Pale Moon
(Preserving)   Restore Mana
(Breeding)   Sense Age
(Breeding)   Life Echoes
(Enduring)   Snuff Flame
(Plant growth)   Summon Food
(Plant growth)   Summon Ivy


(Rock control)   Boulderbash
(Animal affinity)   Calm Animal
(Moon altering)   Cold Moon
(Weather mastery)   Eel Shock
(Plant control)   Free Vine
(Moon altering)   Love Moon
(Rock control)   Sense Metal
(Weather mastery)   Summon Dustdevil
(Deep magic)   Summon Fire
(Plant control)   Summon Vine
(Plant control)   Tangle


(Enduring)   Control Fire
(Deep magic)   Deep Darkness
(Enduring)   Feel Electricity
(Enduring)   Fortify Food
(Enduring)   Feel Hunger
(Breeding)   Strike Barren
(Breeding)   Yearning


(Shape shifting)   Barkskin
(Weather mastery)   Calm Wind
(Moon altering)   Honey Moon
(Deep magic)   Magnetic Field
(Plant growth)   Mold
(Breeding)   Sense Sentience
(Weather mastery)   Sunray
(Shape shifting)   Treeform
(Preserving)   Venom Ward


(Animal affinity)   Animal Friendship
(Enduring)   Brittle
(Deep magic)   Deep Thoughts
(Preserving)   Endure Rust
(Enduring)   Feel Cold
(Plant control)   Goodberry
(Preserving)   Lightning Ward
(Weather mastery)   Muddy Grounds
(Enduring)   Natural Communion
(Shape shifting)   Plant Self
(Enduring)   Star Gazing


(Preserving)   Cold Ward
(Enduring)   Dehydrate
(Deep magic)   Den
(Enduring)   Fodder Signal
(Shape shifting)   Fur Coat
(Plant growth)   Grow Club
(Preserving)   Root
(Plant control)   Warp Wood


(Shape shifting)   Camelback
(Rock control)   Earthpocket
(Preserving)   Fire Ward
(Plant control)   Killer Vine
(Moon summoning)   Piercing Moon
(Shape shifting)   Plant Pass
(Shape shifting)   Rockfeet
(Enduring)   Water Walking
(Weather mastery)   Wind Gust


(Animal affinity)   Charm Animal
(Rock control)   Crystal Growth
(Shape shifting)   Enhance Body
(Enduring)   Feel Heat
(Plant growth)   Summon Tree
(Preserving)   Whisperward


(Preserving)   Acid Ward
(Rock control)   Cave-In
(Shape shifting)   Cheetah Burst
(Breeding)   Fertility
(Moon altering)   Healing Moon
(Plant growth)   Plant Bed
(Enduring)   Venomous Bite
(Plant growth)   Summon Seeds
(Plant growth)   Vine Weave
(Weather mastery)   Warning Winds


(Shape shifting)   Fish Gills
(Shape shifting)   Bull Strength
(Moon altering)   Moon Calf
(Plant growth)   Plant Wall
(Enduring)   Rockthought
(Plant control)   Shillelagh
(Deep magic)   Snatch Light
(Preserving)   Treemind
(Weather mastery)   Wind Shape


(Moon altering)   Blue Moon
(Plant growth)   Distant Fungal Growth
(Plant growth)   Distant Growth
(Enduring)   Drifting
(Shape shifting)   Grove Walk
(Animal affinity)   Hold Animal
(Moon altering)   Red Moon
(Animal affinity)   Summon Animal
(Plant growth)   Summon FlyTrap
(Plant growth)   Summon Seaweed


(Deep magic)   Earthfeed
(Weather mastery)   Calm Weather
(Shape shifting)   Cats Grace
(Enduring)   Hippieness
(Enduring)   Illusionary Forest
(Plant growth)   Plant Maze
(Preserving)   Song Ward
(Rock control)   Stonewalking
(Preserving)   Summon Peace
(Shape shifting)   Thorns
(Moon summoning)   Waking Moon


(Plant control)   Control Plant
(Plant growth)   Fertilization
(Plant control)   Fungal Bloom
(Shape shifting)   Hawkeye
(Moon altering)   Peace Moon
(Plant control)   Poisonous Vine
(Enduring)   Sacred Earth
(Plant control)   Sense Plants
(Weather mastery)   Summon Heat
(Plant growth)   Summon Houseplant


(Animal affinity)   Animal Spy
(Plant control)   Blight
(Plant growth)   Brown Mold
(Plant growth)   Grow Item
(Rock control)   Sense Ores
(Shape shifting)   Soaring Eagle
(Moon summoning)   Summon Moon


(Preserving)   Chant Ward
(Rock control)   Quake
(Plant control)   Find Plant
(Deep magic)   Magnetic Earth
(Enduring)   Summon Plague
(Plant control)   Plant Constriction
(Plant control)   Plant Snare
(Breeding)   Speed Birth
(Weather mastery)   Summon Cold


(Animal affinity)   Ant Train
(Shape shifting)   Chlorophyll
(Weather mastery)   Control Weather
(Plant growth)   Fungus Feet
(Preserving)   Gas Ward
(Animal affinity)   Hibernation
(Deep magic)   Labyrinth
(Deep magic)   Reabsorb
(Weather mastery)   Summon Rain
(Plant control)   Vampire Vine


(Weather mastery)   Acid Rain
(Shape shifting)   Bloodhound
(Plant growth)   Distant Overgrowth
(Plant growth)   Nectar
(Plant control)   Plant Choke
(Preserving)   Prayer Ward
(Deep magic)   Rust Curse
(Weather mastery)   Summon Wind
(Deep magic)   Tremor Sense


(Animal affinity)   Animal Growth
(Enduring)   Charge Metal
(Weather mastery)   Distant Wind Color
(Plant control)   Grapevine
(Plant control)   Sapling Workers
(Deep magic)   Sense Fluids
(Breeding)   Speed Aging
(Rock control)   Stone Friend
(Animal affinity)   Summon Insects


(Rock control)   Sense Gems
(Shape shifting)   Shapelessness
(Preserving)   Spell Ward
(Plant control)   Treehouse
(Plant control)   Vine Mass
(Animal affinity)   Worms


(Plant growth)   Grow Food
(Plant growth)   Grow Forest
(Preserving)   Homeopathy
(Moon altering)   Manic Moon
(Preserving)   Neutralize Poison
(Weather mastery)   Summon Lightning
(Plant control)   Tap Grapevine
(Shape shifting)   Treemorph
(Preserving)   Unbreakable


(Plant growth)   Distant Ingrowth
(Breeding)   Find Mate
(Rock control)   Find Ore
(Moon altering)   Howlers Moon
(Plant growth)   Mass Fungal Growth
(Plant control)   Plant Trap
(Animal affinity)   Summon Mount
(Preserving)   Unicorns Health
(Weather mastery)   Wind Snatcher


(Enduring)   Charm Area
(Enduring)   Cloud Walk
(Moon altering)   Death Moon
(Rock control)   Find Gem
(Deep magic)   Summon Elemental
(Enduring)   Summon Fear
(Plant control)   Summon Sapling
(Deep magic)   Volcanic Chasm


(Breeding)   Crossbreed
(Enduring)   Dragonsight
(Animal affinity)   Feralness
(Plant growth)   Metal Mold
(Rock control)   Meteor Strike
(Shape shifting)   Shamblermorph
(Moon summoning)   Speed Time
(Rock control)   Summon Rock Golem
(Weather mastery)   Summon Tornado
(Plant control)   Sweet Scent






(Moon summoning)   Alter Time
(Deep magic)   Explosive Decompression
(Plant growth)   Grow Oak
(Moon summoning)   Move The Sky
(Breeding)   Reincarnation